1. For new ewallet customers: To claim commission you must be a new 'referred' user to the partner website. The referred account must have tracked correctly. In order for the new account to have tracked correctly you must have used a referral link on this site to link through to the partner site when opening your account.
  2. For existing ewallet customers: To claim commission you must be have received confirmation directly from eWalletBooster.com that you have been accepted onto our scheme.
  3. You must be aged 18 years or older to participate in our program.
  4. eWalletBooster.com cannot and will not be held responsible if a claimants account does not track correctly. eWalletBooster.com will only pay commission when the referred ewallet account has been identified by ourselves and the relevant ewallet affiliate site. Affiliate links can be unreliable and we cannot always verify that a referral has tracked correctly immediately.
  5. eWalletBooster.com reserves the right to reject any application that has not tracked correctly or any application that has been identified as fraudulent by eWalletBooster.com. eWalletBooster.com will have the final decision in all claim disputes.
  6. By accepting these terms and agreements you agree not to abuse the commission rebate programs offered on our site. Abuse of the programs includes but is not limited to:
    1. Making unnecessary transfer from your ewallet to artificially increase your commission.
    2. Purposefully entering false or inaccurate personal details to create an ewallet account via eWalletBooster.com.
    3. Submitting false or fake documents to Neteller, Skrill or ecoPayz during account verification.
    4. Creating non-genuine accounts at Neteller, Skrill or ecoPayz.
    5. Requesting VIP upgrades for fake or non-genuine Neteller, Skrill or ecoPayz accounts.
  7. Applications are assessed automatically every 24 hours by our software. If you have registered via our link, and the account has tracked and you have made transactions on your account, it should be confirmed within 24-48 hours.
  8. All other pending applications are sent every 24 hours to our ewallet partners.
  9. On the 3rd of each month, all valid commission for the previous month is confirmed and checked and made payable. You need to request a payout from within your dashboard.
  10. Cashback for Neteller and Skrill is paid in USD and will be converted by the ewallet into your account currency.
  11. Cashback for ecoPayz is paid in EUR and will be converted by the ewallet into your account currency.
  12. English Law exclusively governs these terms and conditions and only English Law will adjudicate any disputes.