Skrill Fees, Limits, Charges and Rates. The Definitive Guide 2022.

Navigating through the various Skrill fee schedules can be time-consuming and sometimes it can be difficult to find the information you require as there are many different factors and variables that effect the fee that you will be charged.

We’ve put together this updated 2022 guide to help explain all the different fees and comparison of fees between different VIP levels.

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Please be advised that the fees and limits that are applied to your Skrill account have many variables that affect the amount such as VIP status, verification status and the currency of your Skrill account.

In this guide we have tried to provide general advice on fees and limits so that you can have a clearer picture of how Skrill’s fee schedule works.

In general, we have shown the fees and limits in euros (€) where possible and we assume that your Skrill account is verified.

Unverified Skrill accounts have substantial restrictions on limits and functionality so we advise you to verify your Skrill account as soon as you create it.

You can use the drop down filters on Skrill’s website to check the specific fees for your country and your currency.

This can be found here:

Please refer to our Skrill VIP guide to check how fees are reduced and limits are increased as you progress through the VIP levels.

Additionally, you can login to your Skrill account and check your personal fees and limits within your account by trying to make a deposit, transfer, withdrawal etc.

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Skrill Deposit Fees

There are many methods that are available to use to deposit funds at Skrill.

The fee for most Skrill deposits is 1% but for some countries and payment methods, a fee of 2.5% is applied.

Most regular deposits such as bank transfer, credit and debit cards incur a fee of 1%.

This is in contrast to Neteller deposit fees where most standard deposits cost 2.5% (with the exception of deposits over $20,000 which are free of charge at Neteller).

Generally, we would say that depositing at Skrill is cheaper than depositing at Neteller.

As there are hundreds of country, currency and method combinations available, it would not be possible for us to list all the fees here.

To find the specific fee for your currency, country and method, please use the drop down filter on Skrill’s fee page, as noted above.

Skrill Deposit Limits

The deposit limits for every Skrill account have considerable variables.

Whilst verified Skrill accounts do have large deposits limits and certainly enough to cover the vast majority of user’s requirements, if you want to know your deposit limits for a particular deposit method, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Skrill and click on ‘Deposit’
  2. Select your desired deposit method. In this example, we will use Rapid Transfer
  3. skrill deposit
  4. On the next page you enter your bank account details and then you will see the minimum and maximum deposit limits.
  5. skrill deposit limit
  6. In this example, for verified but Non-VIP account, the minimum deposit is $1.22, and the maximum deposit is $2,432.64.

Skrill Withdrawal Fees

As with deposit options, there are numerous ways to withdraw your funds.

The fee will be determined by method and by your VIP status.

For all VIP levels (Silver, Gold and Diamond), bank withdrawals are free.

For Non-VIP’s, the withdrawal fees are:

Bank Transfer$6.70 USD
Credit/debit card7.5%

Skrill Withdrawal Limits

Your Skrill withdrawal limits depend (again!) on your VIP status and the method you choose to request your funds to be withdrawn to.

As you can see by now, your VIP level is extremely important in determining the fee that you will pay for deposits, withdrawals and much more. Don’t forget to fill out our Skrill application form at the bottom of this page to access our offers)

The process for finding out your Skrill withdrawal limits is similar to how you find your deposit limits.

  1. Login to your Skrill and click on ‘Withdraw’
  2. Select your preferred withdrawal method
  3. Confirm the account details
  4. You will see your withdrawal limit on the next page

Skrill MasterCard Fees

Skrill have two prepaid card options for you to utilise. The regular plastic version Skrill Card and the virtual prepaid MasterCard.

Both prepaid MasterCard’s are available in the EEA (European Economic Area) and the UK only.

Your MasterCard fees and limits will be determined by your VIP Level and currency. The comparison table below shows the amounts in euros (€).

If your Skrill account is in a different currency, the fee will be the currency equivalent.

You can check your limits in your Skrill account currency by doing the following:

  1. Log into Skrill and clicking on ‘Skrill Card’
  2. Navigate to either your Virtual or Physical card
  3. Click on the currency toggler – in this example it is EUR or USD (the example Skrill account is in USD)
  4. skrill mastercard limits

Skrill Physical Card Fees and Limits

skrill mastercard
Non VIPSilverGoldDiamond
MasterCard application€10FreeFreeFree
Replacement fee€10FreeFreeFree
Cash withdrawal limit€900/per day€1,500/per day€3,000/per day€5,000/per day
FX fee3.99%2.89%2.59%1.99%
ATM withdrawal fee1.75%FreeFreeFree
POS limit€2,700/per day€3,000/per day€5,000/per day€10,000/per day
Annual fee€10FreeFreeFree

Skrill Virtual Card Fees and Limits

skrill mastercard limits
Order cardFree
Cancelled card replacement€2.50 EUR
Annual service fee$10.00 USD
Maximum per transaction€2,600
Maximum purchases/24 hours10
Maximum POS purchases/24 hours€2,600

Skrill to Skrill Transfer Fee

There have been numerous changes to the Skrill P2P over the last couple of years.

The most recent change comes into force from April 27th 2021 with the introduction of a new Skrill membership level Skrill True.

What is Skrill True?

Skrill True is a new membership level that can be easily achieved by all Skrill customers.

To become a Skrill True member you simply need to complete the following steps:

  1. Download and login to the Skrill app
  2. Make an eligible deposit* upload into your Skrill account
  3. Verify your identity

* Using deposit method other than paysafecard and paysafecash.

What are the benefits of becoming a Skrill True member?

The main benefit of becoming a Skrill True member is that you will benefit from FREE P2P Transfers, regardless of your VIP level.

Please see the table below to compare Skrill-to-Skrill P2P transfer fees according to your VIP status and whether you are Skrill True.

You are not VIP & you are not Skrill True

You are not VIP but you are Skrill True

Silver VIP statusGold VIP statusDiamond VIP status
Skrill-to-Skrill fee (P2P)2.99%FreeFreeFreeFree

To summarise, the key points regarding the Skrill P2P fee structure are as follows:

  • All VIP members will benefit from FREE P2P transfers.
  • All Skrill True members will benefit from FREE P2P transfers.
  • If you are not VIP and you are not Skrill True, the P2P fee will be 2.99%.
  • The new fee structure for Skrill True comes into place on April 27th 2021.
  • From April 27th 2021 onwards, the new rules will apply to all Skrill customers, regardless of when you registered.
  • The new rules are applicable to all countries.

Skrill to Skrill Transfer Limit

The minimum amount for Skrill-to-Skrill transfers is $0.01 / €0.01.

The maximum amount is dependent on your VIP level but generally the limits for P2P transfers are high so you should be able to transfer the amount you request.

To check the Skrill P2P limit please do the following:

  1. Login to Skrill
  2. Click on ‘Send’ from the menu
  3. Select ‘Skrill to Skrill’ (at this point you will also see your P2P fee)
  4. skrill to skrill transfer
  5. Enter the email address of the Skrill account you wish to send money to
  6. On the next page you will see the maximum allowed transfer

Skrill to Neteller Transfer Fee

Many countries have limited options for receiving funds because of issues such as lack of access to bank accounts.

Often customers like to be able to withdraw from their Skrill account to a Neteller account.

In the past you could withdraw your funds from Skrill to Neteller for a fee of 2.5%.

Unfortunately, from 22nd February, the fee for withdrawing from Skrill to Neteller will be 3.49%.

From 22nd February 2021, the fee for transferring from Skrill to Neteller (and vice-versa) will be 3.49%.

How to transfer from Skrill to Neteller?

The way to send money from Skrill to Neteller works differently to other transfers.

Follow the instructions below to send money from Skrill to Neteller:

  1. Login to the Skrill account you want to use to transfer to Neteller and click on 'Withdraw' from the menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Select Neteller as the withdraw method.
  3. Enter the withdrawal amount and the email address of the Neteller account to want to deposit to.
  4. Complete the steps and confirm the transfer.

Skrill FX Fees

Skrill uses a reliable interbank rate provider for their FX transactions you can be assured that you are getting a fair rate.

The amount of FX mark-up (the fee), depends on your VIP Level.

Below you will a comparison of the FX fees according to the VIP levels.

Please note that your assigned VIP level will determine your FX fee for all types of transactions including your prepaid MasterCard.

Non VIPSilverGoldDiamond
FX conversion fee3.99%2.89%2.59%1.99%

Skrill Bitcoin Fees

Previously, it was possible to deposit money directly into your Skrill account using Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, in 2020, Skrill removed the option to deposit directly with Bitcoin.

Nowadays their crypto offering is more akin to a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy/sell crypto as an investment and you can make crypto P2P transfers to other Skrill account holders.

The table below sets out the different fees payable on each transaction.

Essentially, the amount will depend on the value of the transaction.

Up to €19.99€20.00 - €99.99€100+
Buy cryptocurrency€0.99 per transaction€1.99 per transaction1.50% per transaction
Sell cryptocurrency€0.99 per transaction€1.99 per transaction1.50% per transaction
Crypto P2P0.50% per transaction0.50% per transaction0.50% per transaction

As usual, if your account is in a different currency to EUR, you will pay the currency equivalent.

Skrill Admin Fees

There are a number of additional fees that Skrill charge. Whether you are considering opening a Skrill account or you are a longstanding existing customer, it is useful to consider these additional fees to see whether you are affected.

99.99% of people will rarely, if ever, encounter any of the Skrill administrative fees but we have provided the information just in case you need it.
Inaccurate or untruthful information & lack of cooperationup to €150
Chargeback fee€25 per chargeback
Attempted cashback upload fee€10 per upload
Prohibited transactions feeup to €150 per instance
Reversal of a wrong transaction feeup to €25 per reversal

Inaccurate or untruthful information & lack of cooperation: €150.00 EUR

When you register at Skrill you have to agree to their terms and conditions which set out in section 4.5 that when you open an account you must provide accurate and truthful personal information. If you are found to have provided inaccurate or untruthful information and do not cooperate as instructed by Skrill within 6 months, then they reserve the right to charge you a fee of up to €150 EUR. T&C's 4.5.

To be frank, this is very unlikely to ever affect any members, but it is useful information to know, nonetheless.

Chargeback fee: €25.00 EUR

If you make a Skrill deposit from a payment method, such as credit card, that allows you to claim funds back via a chargeback and the reason for the chargeback is anything other than unauthorised use of your card, Skrill will charge you €25.00 EUR or equivalent. T&C's 8.3.

Prohibited transactions fee: €150.00 EUR

This fee mainly affects customers who are operating an account for business related purposes. Essentially if you are receiving funds for any of the following categories then you could be liable to pay this fee while Skrill investigates your account.

Excluded Categories
  • Money exchange
  • Remittance businesses
  • Bureaux de change
  • Currency exchanges
  • Purchase of travel money
  • Collection of any form of donations or payments to charitable or not-for-profit organisation dealing in natural resources such as jewels, precious metals or stone
  • Live streaming
  • Sale or supply of alcoholic beverages
  • Sale or supply of dietary supplements and alternative health products

Please note that the excluded categories are not solely limited to the list above. Our advice is that if you are unsure as to whether your business activities may be prohibited to get in contact with Skrill to clarify with them. T&C's 11.

Incorrect Transaction Reversal Fee: €25.00 EUR

When you request a withdrawal from Skrill via the money out options you should always take great care when entering bank details, IBAN, BIC etc details, especially so if the withdrawal is for a large amount.

If you enter incorrect details and the payment is sent to the wrong place you can request Skrill to help you with recovering of the funds. However, an administrative fee of up €25 will apply. Please note that paying the administrative fee does not guarantee that your funds will be returned so again, please take the upmost care when requesting bank withdrawals. T&C's 12.7.

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