Neteller Verification, Process, Time, How to Verify Neteller Account and Fast-Track Verification.

Neteller verification

It is important to verify your Neteller account to enjoy the additional benefits that are only available for verified accounts.

Immediately after verification you’ll be able to start enjoying enhanced options such as obtaining much higher limits and accessing additional services such as being able to order a Net+ MasterCard.

Verifying your Neteller account is also prerequisite for receiving a VIP upgrade.

If your account is not verified, you will not be able to receive a Free Bronze Pro upgrade from eWalletBooster and you will not be able to transact enough to reach the regular VIP levels by yourself.

Once you have Neteller VIP status you can start to take advantage of a vastly improved service from Neteller with such benefits as reduced fees, increased limits, free P2P transfers, a free NET+ MasterCard and much more.

Whilst Neteller is a great ewallet choice for most players regardless, we would also like to make you aware of the additional benefits of joining Neteller via us:

  • Instant Bronze Pro VIP
  • Fast Track to Silver VIP - $6000 USD requirement instead of $15,000 USD
  • Increased Limits & Reduced Fees
  • Easier VIP targets for higher levels of VIP
  • Fast Track verification – 24 hours
  • Verification without deposit
  • Access to our Neteller rewards program
If you have a verified Skrill account, your Neteller account should be automatically verified when you sign-up, regardless of whether you registered via or not.

How to verify Neteller account? (Step-by-step)

There are 2 different methods for verifying your account:

  1. Direct on the Neteller website, which will require you to make a deposit to verify and will take 2-5 days for your documents to be processed.
  2. Registration at Neteller through eWalletBooster which has the following benefits:
    • Fast-track verification in 24 hours / 1 business day maximum.
    • No requirement to make a deposit.
    • Instant Bronze Pro VIP status

For this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of registering at Neteller via eWalletBooster.

The process when registering directly on the Neteller website is similar but you will be required to make a deposit and review of your documents can take up to 5 days.

Please follow the easy steps below to verify your Neteller account.

  1. Use the sign up button on the form below to click through to Neteller.
  2. neteller sign up
  3. Complete the registration form on the Neteller website.
  4. neteller registration
  5. After registration, you will then be presented with 4 different options: ‘Pay online’, ‘Buy & sell crypto’, ‘Send money’ and ‘Get a Net+ card’.
  6. neteller pay online
  7. Click on ‘Pay online’ then 'Get started' and you will see this box above which tells you what you need to do to get started.
  8. On the next step, you will be required to enter your full address details including your mobile phone number. N.B You have to enter and verify a mobile phone number to complete the registration steps so please make sure that you have a valid mobile phone number that is able to receive the security code that Neteller will send.
  9. Complete mobile phone number verification
  10. neteller phone verification
  11. To complete your registration, you will be asked to create a 6 digit security number. Please remember to make a note of your security number and save it somewhere securely as you will need this 6 digit ID to confirm transactions such as withdrawals and P2P transfers.
  12. neteller security code
  13. Next you will be prompted to make a deposit.
    • Most customers will make a deposit when they create their Neteller account and if you wish to deposit into Neteller at this stage, please proceed to do so using their many deposit options.
    • However, for some countries that have a limited banking industry it can be difficult to fund your Neteller account directly using bank or card in which case the usual method of funding is to receive a P2P transfer from another Neteller account holder.
  14. Please note that when registering at Neteller through eWalletBooster it is not a requirement to make a deposit at Neteller to verify your account. Please be aware that Neteller needs a ‘trigger’ to prompt you to complete verification. Therefore, please do not be alarmed that you are prompted to make a deposit after registration. Once you have either made a deposit or received a P2P transfer, please continue following the steps below to complete the verification process.
  15. Click on your name in the top right hand corner and then click 'Settings'.
  16. Please make a note of your Customer ID which is shown above settings as you will need your Customer ID to submit into the form on eWalletBooster to apply for your free VIP upgrade
  17. neteller customer id
  18. After you have either made a deposit or received a P2P transfer navigate to the settings page, select ‘Verification’ and then click ‘Verify now’.
  19. neteller settings
    Please note that it is also possible to verify your Neteller account via the Neteller app. It follows the same process as verifying through the web page, but we advise to always create your Neteller account through a regular web page and then download and login to the app after registration.
  20. Depending on your country, you will first be asked whether you want to verify your account with Facebook - Facebook verification is optional but can help with your address verification. Read more about Facebook verification
  21. You will now be given a choice for verifying your identity.
    • Verify by downloading the Neteller app.
    • Verify by using your computer webcam or uploading documents from your computer.

    If possible, we advise you to complete the process using webcam or document upload.

    neteller verification webcam choice
  22. Next you will select either passport, driving licence or identity card. In this example, we are selecting passport and using webcam to verify.
    • For passport submission you will be required to take a picture of the photo page of your passport.
    • For driving licence and ID cards, you will have to provide photos of the front and back of the card.
  23. neteller verification id
    neteller verification passport
    Make sure all 4 corners of your driving licence, ID card or photo page of your passport are visible.
  24. Following submission of your ID document, you will be prompted to use your webcam to take a selfie for security purposes to prove that it is you who is submitting the documents. You will be prompted every step of the way during this process.
  25. neteller verification selfie
  26. If you successfully completed Facebook verification or you enabled location sharing on your browser then you will have by this point successfully completed your full ID and address verification. If you did not do Facebook or browser based address verification, you will now be required to submit a photo of a recent proof of address. This follows the same process as ID verification and is easy to complete. Please just make sure you have the correct documentation ready. Read more about Neteller accepted documents.
  27. Congratulations, your documents have now been submitted for review.
  28. neteller verification review
    neteller verification submitted
  29. You will receive a confirmation email usually within 1 business day advising you that your account verification is now complete.
  30. neteller verification email
  31. The final step is to complete the Neteller VIP application form at the bottom of this page.
  32. Enter your Neteller email address, your Neteller Customer ID, the currency of your Neteller account and select ‘New’ as the account type.
  33. neteller application complete
  34. Submit the application form and you will receive an update from eWalletbooster within 1 business day advising you on your new Bronze Pro VIP status.
  35. neteller application email

Neteller verification requirements

Before starting the verification process please be aware that there are certain criteria for each verification requirement which we have summarised below.

ID verification

For ID verification you will need to submit either one of the following:

  • The front and back of your driving licence.
  • The photo page of your passport.
  • The front and back of your national ID card.

Please also note the following when it comes to ID verification.

  • Your ID document should not be expired
  • Your ID document should be a full colour copy
  • The ID document should show a photo of you, your full name, date of birth, document number and signature (if applicable)
  • The photo of your ID should legible and easy to read
  • The document should be any of the following formats .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png or .pdf

If submitting your passport, it should be open on the page with your passport number and photo.

If submitting your driving licence or an ID card, you should submit separate images of the front and back of your document.

You will also be required to submit a selfie to complete additional ID verification.

You will be guided through the selfie photo upload step-by-step from within the website or Neteller app.

Providing a selfie is now commonplace among financial institutions to fully comply with regulations. If you try creating an account at a cryptocurrency exchange or any type of online-only financial institution, it is highly likely you will be required to take and upload a selfie.

Address verification

If you have shared your browser location with Neteller or you have completed Facebook verification, you may not be required to complete the address verification steps with Neteller.

If you are prompted to proceed with address verification, you must provide one of the following documents:

  • Utility bill - heating, electricity, water etc (mobile phone bills are not accepted)
  • Printed statement from financial institution
  • Signed or stamped letter from a financial institution confirming your account with them
  • Any government correspondence such as tax or court documents

The document you submit has to meet the following criteria:

  • The document must be no older than 90 days
  • The document should show your full name, issue date and show the same address as used on your Neteller account
  • The document should be legible and easy to read
  • The document should show the issuing institution name and logo
  • The photo should show all 4 corners of the document
  • The document should be any of the following formats .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png or .pdf

Unfortunately, Neteller cannot accept any type of online statement or screenshot as proof of address.

General advice

You can submit your ID documents by using any of the following methods:

  1. Webcam – if you are completing the verification process through the Neteller website, you can take photos of your documents using the webcam on your computer.
  2. Neteller App – if you are completing the verification process using the Neteller app, the app will prompt you at each stage to take a photo of your documents and to take a selfie.
  3. Document upload – if you do not have access to a webcam and you cannot use the Neteller app, you can take photos using a different method such as the camera on your phone and submit these documents.

Neteller verification with Facebook

Depending on your country, you will be asked whether you want to verify your account with Facebook.

By clicking “Verify with Facebook” you are giving explicit consent for Neteller to access and process your registered personal information for purposes of Identity Verification.

neteller facebook verification

Identity verification via Social Media is based on automated decision-making algorithms applied by Hello Soda on behalf of Neteller.

Facebook verification is optional but it’s worth doing as long as your Facebook account is legitimate and every detail of your Facebook account such as name, date of birth, address and email address match the details on your newly created Neteller account.

Even if your Neteller account successfully verifies via Facebook, you will still be required to submit additional documentation to prove your identity.

To attempt verification via Facebook please complete the following steps:

  1. Click ‘Verify with Facebook’
  2. You will then be redirected to Facebook login/authorisation page.
  3. Please login and authenticate the request from Neteller.
  4. Once you have confirmed authentication, click the share and consent button and click ‘Continue’
  5. The verification process takes a few seconds to complete. If successful, you will receive a prompt to continue with the additional verification steps.

Neteller verification time

Depending on the volume of verification requests that Neteller are receiving, your account should usually be verified within a few minutes if all the documents you provided are clear and the details on the documents match the personal data that you used to register at Neteller.

If there are any issues or the pictures are not so clear, it may take longer and could be up to 24 hours.

Once verified, you will receive email notification to advise you of your updated status and the details of your new verified account limits and fees.

Please remember that when you register at Neteller through eWalletBooster, your account will jump the verification line as all eWalletBooster referrals benefit from Fast-track verification.

What is Fast-track verification?

Essentially there are two main benefits:

  1. There is no requirement to make a deposit to complete verification
  2. Your documents are placed in the fast-track funnel

Customers registering directly on the Neteller website are required to make a minimum deposit of $5 by bank or card to complete verification and their documents are assessed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Whenever a user registers at Neteller via eWalletBooster, their verification request is placed in the fast-track funnel and there is no requirement to make a deposit to verify an account.

Fast-track verification is an especially fantastic benefit for customers residing in countries where the banking industry is less well developed and banking options are limited.
neteller directewalletbooster
Verification time2-5 days24 hours
Verification processStandardFast-track funnel
Min. deposit to verify$5.00 USDN/A
VIP status after verificationNoneBronze Pro VIP
Silver VIP requirement$15,000 USD$6,000 USD

Refer to this link if you'd like to find out more about Neteller Bronze Pro VIP.

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