eWalletBooster Sign Up Bonus For Neteller Customers

Before setting up any account online, especially so in the gambling and trading industry, it’s always a wise move to search the web to see if you can get any additional sign up bonuses or promotions before joining.

For anybody who’s ever set up an account at a gambling related site you will be aware of the hugely generous bonuses available.

When you are signing up for a digital ewallet, such as Neteller, then the rules are no different.

You should look for the best Neteller sign up bonus available.

Our Neteller Promotion

Neteller do not offer a specific sign up bonus to new users when you join. However, you will accrue Anniversary Reward Points for each transaction you make using your Neteller account, with the number of points earned per transaction increasing according to your Neteller VIP level.

Anniversary Reward Points can be exchanged for cash vouchers and gits from within the Neteller Rewards section of your account.

Our Neteller Bonus

For customers who use eWalletBooster to sign up for a Neteller account or for customers who have successfully tagged their existing Neteller account to eWalletBooster, you will not only receive an instant Bronze Pro VIP status along with other benefits, you can also benefit from our generous Neteller sign up bonuses.

Below we introduce the promotions available exclusively for eWalletBooster members and how to get free money by simply using your Neteller account.

Please note any attempt to artificially increase your bonus by making several unnecessary transfers may result in your bonus be forefitted.

$100 Bonus

Once you have signed up for a Neteller account via eWalletBooster you will be eligible to receive a fixed bonus of $100 from eWalletBooster (terms and conditions apply, some merchants excluded). The bonus will be added to your eWalletBooster dashboard once you have made your first deposit or transfer using your Neteller account.

How does it work?

  1. Sign for a Neteller account by following sign up steps and then submit your application to join the eWalletBooster program (existing Neteller customers can also apply to join our program and receive the welcome bonus).
  2. Once your application has been approved you will immediately enter the 30-day promotional period which will start on the date that your application is confirmed. You will receive email notification that your application was successful.
  3. neteller-notification-email
  4. To view your current bonus, login to your eWalletBooster dashboard and go to 'Accounts'. From here you will be able to browse your ewallet that you have registered with eWalletBooster and view your associated account bonuses by clicking 'View Bonuses'.
  5. neteller sign up bonus
  6. After the 30-day period has expired your bonus status will update to 'Finished' and no more transfers will qualify towards the total.
  7. The bonus payment will be sent directly to your Neteller account.

Free Cash Promotion - $10 Bonus

When you sign for a Neteller account via eWalletBooster you will start receiving regular monthly benefits and can take advantage of the fixed $100 bonus as set out above.

However, you will also earn a free cash bonus of $10 from eWalletBooster once you have transferred over $2000 using your Neteller account.

How does it work?

  1. Once you have signed up for a Neteller account via eWalletBooster (or you have successfully submitted an existing Neteller account) and your application is accepted and confirmed, you can login to your dashboard to view your current stats anytime.
  2. You will see the bonus shown in the account summary which will show your current transfer value and the required transfer value to make the bonus payable.
  3. neteller $10 USD bonus
  4. Once your transfer value reaches a minimum of $2000, the bonus status will update to 'Finished'
  5. The bonus payment will be sent directly to your Neteller account.
  6. The $10 free cash bonus is not time-limited so you can complete it anytime.

Terms and conditions

eWalletBooster Bonus Terms

  1. Bonus offer is valid for new and existing Neteller customers
  2. Bonus offer is only valid for eWalletBooster customers who sign up a new Neteller account through our link or existing Neteller customers who have successfully joined our Neteller program.
  3. If your application to join our Neteller program is rejected you will not be eligible for the bonus.
  4. The 30-day bonus period starts on the same date that your application is approved. You will receive email notification that your bonus period has started.
  5. Some merchants are excluded. Therefore, transfers to excluded merchants do not qualify during the bonus period. The list of excluded merchants are below.
    • Betfair
    • Bet365
    • Matchbook
    • Smarkets
    • BetDAQ
    • Pinnacle
    • PokerStars
    • Full Tilt Poker
  6. Players from the following countries are not eligible for the $10 bonus: Bangladesh, Colombia, Chile, Kazakhstan, India, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Vietnam, Venezuela.
  7. We may ask require you to provide proof of your Neteller transfers. If requested, you must provide screenshots of your Neteller transfers for the bonus to be valid.

Important information

We offer this bonus to enhance your rewards when signing up to Neteller. We expect that you will particpate in the bonus promotion fairly so that other customers can also enjoy it. Below we have set out certain types of behaviour that we deem to be unfair and therefore may be in breech of the bonus terms.

  • Using multiple accounts to obtain more than the number of bonuses permitted for each customer
  • Colluding with other customers in order to take advantage of promotions or bonuses
  • Using more than one account per household or per IP address
  • Making unnecessary transfers using your Neteller account

eWalletBooster reserves the right to refuse to pay out any bonuses where we suspect that you are unfairly benefitting from our bonus

  • eWalletBooster.com reserves the right to reject any application or bonus. eWalletBooster.com will have the final decision in all claim disputes.
  • English Law exclusively governs these terms and conditions and only English Law will adjudicate any disputes.

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