Neteller Review | What is Neteller? Neteller Card, Fees And Limits

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an online ewallet and provides businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online. As one of the world’s largest independent money transfer businesses, they process billions of dollars’ worth of transactions each year.

Trusted by merchants and consumers alike, their financial services span more than 200 countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

Neteller accounts may be set up in 26 major currencies. Money can be loaded into the account from a bank, credit/debit card or via about 50 other methods. These deposit types vary by country and some are instant.

Your money in a Neteller account can be used to pay merchants, P2P to other Neteller account holders, or spent at any retailer that accepts MasterCard using the Neteller prepaid card.

Using a Neteller account allows you to easily deposit and withdraw your funds to a wide variety of merchants. Neteller is primarily targeted towards the gambling, trading and forex industry and makes it a lot easier for customers who need faster access to funds and more efficient money management.

Instead of using a traditional bank account to deposit and withdraw into various sites, taking advantage of a Neteller account allows you to move your funds around your favourite sites without the long delays of waiting to receive your funds back into your bank account or encountering other issues with banks such as transactions being blocked or queried.

If you are a serious gambler or trader and you wish to have a more efficient capital management system in place it would be wise to consider using an ewallet such as Neteller instead of debit or credit cards issued by your bank.

The Neteller service is owned and operated by British global payments company Paysafe Group.™.

Paysafe Group Limited is a multinational online payments company. The group offers services both under the Paysafe brand and subsidiary brands that have become part of the group through several mergers and acquisitions, most notably Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard.

Is Neteller Safe?

Neteller was established 20+ years ago and is a highly reputable company, authorised by the FCA in the UK. In 2015 Neteller was acquired by Paysafe Group Limited which is listed on the FTSE 250 Index on the London Stock Exchange with revenue of $1 billion in 2016.

Neteller holds in a trust account more than 100% of members funds, which is a necessary prerequisite of being a FCA compliant authorised company. Therefore, there is never any doubt that your funds will be secure and ready to access at any point.

For these reasons alone we believe that Neteller is safe and trustworthy and there is next to zero chance of your funds being at risk.

However, for your peace of mind, Neteller also uses cutting edge SSL encryption, two-step authentication and state-of-the-art security protocols and for Neteller VIP members there is also a 100% fraud guarantee.

Neteller Card

Neteller offer two different prepaid Mastercard's - Net+ Prepaid Mastercard & Net+ Virtual Mastercard. Below we give you a summary of the Neteller cards which are available and the advantages of each.

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard

Neteller Prepaid Mastercard

The Net+ Mastercard allows you to spend any funds that you have in your Neteller account anywhere that accepts Mastercard and to withdraw your cash directly at ATM’s around the world and shop online as you normally would with your regular credit or debit card.

This is a great option as it means you can still use your Neteller account as an ewallet to make transfers to your favourite sites but it does not restrict you to just this activity as you can also use it for all your regular day-to-day shopping online and offline.

The Net+ Mastercard is available in 8 different currencies: GBP, USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, DKK, CAD, SEK.

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard Fees & Limits

The below fees and limits are for regular accounts and also dependant on whether you are a VIP. Learn how to get an instant Neteller VIP Upgrade


  • Free to pay in shops – online and offline
  • 3.99% foreign exchange fee
  • £8 for card order and delivery
  • 1.75% cash withdrwal fee
  • £8 for lost or stolen card replacement
  • Limits

  • 10 withdrawals every 24 hours
  • £650 withdrawals every 24 hours
  • 50 purchases every 24 hours
  • £1950 in purchases every 24 hours
  • Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

    Neteller Virtual Mastercard

    Neteller also offers a virtual prepaid Mastercard which can be used to spend at thousands of websites without the need to actual hold a plastic prepaid card. As long as you have funds available in your Neteller account, you will be able to spend your money using your Net+ Virtual card.

    The main benefit of owning the Net+ Virtual card over the Net+ Prepaid card is that you do not have to pay for the card to be delivered so is absolutely free to get started and is available to use as soon as you create your Neteller account. You can also own up to 5 Virtual cards which have their own name, currency and an optional limit.

    Once again, the Net+ Virtual card is available in 8 currencies: GBP, USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, DKK, CAD, SEK.

    Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Fees & Limits

    The below fees and limits are for regular accounts and also dependant on whether your account is verified or unverified. Learn how to get an instant Neteller VIP Upgrade


  • First card is free
  • £2 per additional card
  • Limits

  • 4 lifetime purchases allowed
  • £130 in purchases every 24 hours
  • £520 lifetime maximum
  • Neteller Fees

    Below is a summary of the different fees that Neteller charge for their services.

    How to deposit money into Neteller?

    Neteller offers a huge range of deposit methods to fund your account. For uploads of over $20,000 (or currency equivalent) no fees will be charged whilst all other options carry a 2.5% deposit fee on the upload value.

    Neteller withdrawal methods

    Neteller offers a number of withdrawal methods which range in fees and speed of processing. Once again fees can vary dependant on your VIP status which is why it so important to become a Neteller VIP member.

    Bank transfer withdrawal time is fast and are usually processed within 3-5 working days.

    Bank transfer$10
    Member wire$12.75
    Merchant sites$0
    Money Transfer1.45%. Minimum $0.50
    Net+ Prepaid Mastercard0 - 1.75%

    Neteller to Neteller transfer fee

    For non-VIP members the fee charged on P2P (peer-to-peer) transfers is 1.45% with a minimum of $0.50. However, for all levels of VIP membership, there is no fee payable when making a transfer to another Neteller account.

    Neteller foreign exchange fees

    For transactions that involve a currency conversion Neteller adds 3.99% to the average interbank market rate published by 3rd party data provider. VIP members will pay much reduced foreign exchanged fees down to as little as 1%.

    Neteller administrative fee

    Effective from March 13th 2019, Neteller will charge a $5 (or currency equivilant) fee for accounts that have not been active for 12 months. If your account is inactive for 13 months you will receive an email to notify you that a charge will be payable and the following month, if the account is still inactive, the charge will be levied on the 14th month since last activity.

    Neteller Support

    There are a number of ways for you to get in contact with Neteller support. Below we outline the support methods available to you. For urgent enquiries please feel free to contact ewalletbooster via livechat, email or skype as we may be able to assist you and speed up resolution of the concern/issue that you are facing.

    Neteller live chat

    If you would like to speak to Neteller support team directly via livechat for an instant answer you need to be a VIP member. Neteller livechat support is available 24/7 and available in various languages. You can contact them via livechat from within your account interface.

    Neteller contact number

    You can speak to Neteller customer support over the phone for urgent enquiries. Neteller have call support in various languages which we have listed below.

    International*+44 20 3308 9525Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm GMT
    Australia+61 2 8279 864324/5 Mon-Fri
    Brazil+55 21 4042 107224/5 Mon-Fri
    Japan+81 3 4579 552424/5 Mon-Fri
    Spain+34 91 7693583Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
    United Kingdom+44 120444 0908Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm GMT
    France+33 1856 53457Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
    Germany+49 21599279504Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
    Italy+39 06 4523 6988Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
    Tunisia+216 3130 0396Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time

    Neteller email support

    For less urgent enquiries, you can utilise the email support option provider by Neteller. The usual response time is 1-3 working days.

    Neteller Review Conclusion

    • Flexible, fast and efficient money management for your trading or betting strategies
    • Fast deposit and withdrawals allow you to receive your funds from your online betting/trading accounts much faster than regular bank card withdrawals
    • Peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers allow you to instantly send funds around the world to your friends and family’s Neteller account
    • Multiple currency accounts to send and spend money internationally with no FX fees
    • Owned by publicly listed company, Paysafe Ltd for peace of mind that your funds are safe
    • Plastic and virtual Prepaid Mastercard’s for easy access to your cash for online and offline spending
    • Neteller's in-house VIP reward program allows you to earn up to 0.80% cashback and take advantage of vastly reduced fees, increased limits and additional rewards.
    • Participation in the Neteller VIP rewards plan along with the eWalletBooster plan gives you instant Bronze Pro VIP upgrade and the ability to earn a large rebate on your transfers

    Overall, we highly recommend Neteller as your preferred payment option but it is clear that it is very important to become a Neteller VIP to take advantage of all the benefits that are on offer. Luckily we can assist you to get instant Neteller Bronze Pro VIP status.

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