What is ecoPayz?

Founded in 2000, ecoPayz are one of the most established and trusted ewallets online. Whilst not as large as Skrill & Neteller, there is no doubt that ecoPayz is the third biggest ewallet and experiencing rapid growth.

ecoPayz was rebranded from “EcoCard” to “ecoPayz” in 2013 and launched together with their five products.

  • ecoAccount
  • ecoCard
  • ecoVirtualcard
  • ecoPayz Business Account
  • ecoPayz Merchant Account

The primary product is their ecoAccount, which is the ewallet that you can use to transfer funds to and from merchants online. You can set up an ecoPayz account in any of the following currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, ARS, AUD, BAM, BGN, BRL, CLP, CAD, COP, CHF, CNY, CRC, CZK, DKK, GEL, HKD, HUF, IDR, ILS, INR, ISK, JPY, MDL, MOP, MYR, MXN, NIO, NOK, NZD, PAB, PEN, PLN, RON, RSD, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, UAH, UYU, UZS and ZAR.

You can add a prepaid card and a virtual ecoVirtualCard to your ecoAccount if you are a resident in in any of the 31 EU/EEA states. The ecoCard’s are available in 3 currencies: EUR, GBP & USD

Currently ecoPayz do not have the same level of merchant coverage as Skrill and Neteller but they are growing all the time and have recently added a host of big names, such as Betfair, to their list of serviced merchants.

If you are interested in welcome bonuses offered by casinos, bookmakers, forex sites etc, you will find that ecoPayz is an acceptable form of deposit to qualify for the bonus for some websites, whereas Neteller and Skrill are sometimes excluded from taking part in bonuses.

On initial sign up with ecoPayz there are several unique advantages over other ewallets such as FREE P2P transfers and a higher rate of average cashback if you sign up via eWalletBooster and join our cashback program.

Is ecoPayz Safe?

With close to two decades of experience, providing ewallets and prepaid cards, ecoPayz are a company that you can trust with your funds.

With the most recent accounts submitted to Companies House showing a net worth of £5.2m and consistent year-on-year growth in turnover and profit, you can be reassured that ecoPayz is safe to use.

ecoPayz uses state-of-the-art security and fraud protection such as SSL, TLS and two-step-authentication to protect your account, providing you with a fast and secure method of transferring and spending your funds.

ecoPayz are owned by PSI-Pay Ltd, a leading, global, payments solutions provider. PSI-Pay are regulated by the FCA, under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the EU Directive on electronic money.

ecoPayz Card

ecoPayz offer two different prepaid cards: ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard.

Below we set out the details and advantages of each prepaid card and how you can start using them.

ecoPayz Prepaid Mastercard - ecoCard

ecoPayz Prepaid Mastercard

The ecoCard is a prepaid Mastercard that you can use to spend your funds anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted. If you have funds in your ecoAccount, you will be able to spend online and in-person, allowing you to efficiently manage your finances as you can only spend what is available in your account.

ecoCard’s are available in all the 31 EU/EEA states and can be set up in three currencies: EUR, GBP and USD.

There are no credit checks when ordering your card.

ecoPayz Prepaid Mastercard Fees & Limits

The ecoCard prepaid Mastercard has low fees and includes free card issue for VIP’s. You can get a free Gold VIP upgrade when joining with eWalletBooster to guarantee that your card will be delivered at no cost.

Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of the ecoCard fee structure, which is dependant on your VIP level.

Card issue & activation feeFREEFREEFREEFREE
Cash withdrawal2.00% (min. €1.50)2.00% (min. €1.50)2.00% (min. €1.50)2.00% (min. €1.50)
Currency conversion2.99%2.99%2.99%2.99%
Max single transaction (ATM)€250€500€500€500
Max single transaction (POS/ECOM)€1000€2500€2500€2500
Maximum POS/ECOM transactions per day5888
Max daily (ATM)€750€1500€1500€1500

ecoPayz Fees & Limits

The fee’s charged by ecoPayz are relatively similar to both Skrill & Neteller. The main advantage in terms of the fee structure that ecoPayz possesses is that there is no charge on P2P (peer-to-peer) transfers for regular customers which means that you can transfer funds to friends and family around the world for free, even if you are not VIP. Neteller and Skrill both require minimum VIP account status for free P2P transfers.

Below is a summary of the different fees that ecoPayz charge for their services.

Bank wire deposit0-7%0-7%0-7%0.00-7.00%
Credit card deposit 1.69-2.9%1.69-2.9%1.69-2.9%1.69-2.90%
Bank withdrawal fee€5.90-€10€5.90-€10€5.90-€10€2.90-€7
Currency conversion2.99%1.49%1.49%1.25%
Maximum account balance€15,000€100,000€120,000No Limit

For the full breakdown of ecoPayz fees please follow this link - https://www.ecopayz.com/en/fees-limits/ecoaccount

ecoPayz Review Conclusion

  • Fast and secure ewallet provider allowing you to improve the way you transfer and spend money online
  • Established and reputable company regulated and authorised by the FCA
  • Free P2P transfers – send money to friends and family for FREE
  • Physical and Virtual prepaid Mastercard’s to spend your funds online and offline wherever Mastercard is accepted
  • Accepted for some sign-up bonuses where Neteller and Skrill are excluded by gaming site terms
  • Average of 0.80% cashback when you join via eWalletBooster
  • Sign up bonus of €10 when you join via eWalletBooster
  • Free Gold VIP upgrade when you join via eWalletBooster

Overall, we believe ecoPayz should be considered as your preferred ewallet solution. Whilst the obvious downside to using ecoPayz is that the variety of merchants you can deposit at is relatively small compared to Neteller and Skrill, the list of merchants accepting ecoPayz is growing all the time and for some websites, ecoPayz is accepted whereas Neteller and Skrill are not.

However, the average cashback rate for ecoPayz from eWalletBooster does tend to be significantly larger than for Skrill & Neteller

Additionally, you may find that for some sign-up bonuses offered by gaming sites, they accept ecoPayz as a valid deposit method whilst Neteller & Skrill deposits are excluded from taking part in the bonus.

If you use a large variety of websites, then Neteller and Skrill may be better suited to your requirements. However, if you make regular deposits to a smaller number of merchants who accept ecoPayz then it may be worth using ecoPayz instead of Neteller or Skrill due to the benefits listed.

ecoPayz VIP Upgrade Form

Join ecoPayz using the application form below or submit your existing ecoPayz details to link your ecoPayz account to eWalletBooster.com and take advantage of lower fees, increased limits and much more. New & Existing ecoPayz customers welcome.