ecoPayz Fees, Limits, Charges and Rates. The Definitive Guide 2022.

As with all digital wallets, there is a multitude of different fees for various types of transactions and actions.

It can sometimes be somewhat difficult to find the correct information and the correct fee for your personal account and account status.

We’ve put this updated 2021 ecoPayz fee guide together to help you understand the types of fees that are applicable and to try to help you in reducing your ecoPayz fees.

Whilst ecoPayz is a great ewallet choice for most players regardless, we would also like to make you aware of the additional benefits of joining ecoPayz via us:

  • Instant Gold VIP
  • ~0.85% cashback on your transfers
  • Access to our ecoPayz cashback program
  • Free P2P transfers
  • Increased Limits & reduced fees
  • Easier VIP targets for higher levels of VIP
  • Fast Track verification – 24 hours
  • Verification without deposit

Although the fees at ecoPayz are less dependent on your VIP status than other ewallets such as Skrill and Neteller, your account level at ecoPayz is still an important factor as you will see in this guide.

Therefore, we advise all clients and partners to try to achieve at least Gold to maximise their limits, reduce their fees and access benefits such as free P2P transfers.

ecoPayz Deposit Fees

There is a wide variety of deposit methods available at ecoPayz.

The fees for depositing at ecoPayz are generally similar across all ecoPayz account levels.

The notable exception is that ecoPayz customers who have “VIP” level will pay reduced fees (50% decrease) for bank transfer deposits.

One particular point to note regarding ecoPayz deposit fees is that, as you can see on the comparison table below, there is a “fee range” on many of the listed fees.

For example, bank deposits are listed as 0.00-10.00%.

The reason for this is because the exact fee depends on your country and the deposit options available to you in your region.

Another point to note is that credit card deposits are charged between 1.60-6.00% but there is also an additional charge of €0.25, or currency equivalent.

Bank wire deposit0.00-10.00%0.00-10.00%0.00-10.00%0.00-10.00%0.00-10.00%
Credit card deposit1.69-6.00% + €0.251.69-6.00% + €0.251.69-6.00% + €0.251.69-6.00% + €0.251.69-6.00% + €0.25
ecoVoucher deposit2.90%2.90%2.90%2.90%2.90%
codePayz deposit€0.00 - €3.50€0.00 - €3.50€0.00 - €3.50€0.00 - €3.50€0.00 - €3.50
zestPay deposit1.25-2.00%1.25-2.00%1.25-2.00%1.25-2.00%1.25-2.00%

The best way to check your exact deposit fees is by logging in to ecoPayz and trying to make a deposit with your chosen method.

On the deposit page you will see the exact fee payable.

ecopayz deposit fee

ecoPayz Deposit Limits

Your VIP account level at ecoPayz is important for determining your account limits.

Whilst there are some reductions in fees as you progress through the account levels, the increases in account limits are more noticeable.

However, the single most important thing is just to verify your ecoPayz account as the functionality available for unverified accounts is very limited.

Please refer to the table below to compare ecoPayz deposit limits, according to your account level.

Maximum account balance€0€15,000€100,000€120,000Unlimited
Credit/debit card deposit (single transaction)€200.00€1,000.00€1,500.00€2,000.00€2,500.00
Credit/debit card deposit (daily)€200.00€3,000.00€5,000.00€6,000.00€7,000.00
Credit/debit card deposit (weekly)-€5,000.00€10,000.00€15,000.00€20,000.00
Bank deposit (single transaction)€1,000.00€15,000.00€100,000.00€120,000.00€140,000.00
Bank deposit (daily)€1,000.00€15,000.00€100,000.00€120,000.00€140,000.00
Bank deposit (weekly)-€105,000.00€260,000.00€305,000.00€360,000.00
Bank deposit (monthly)-€400,000.00€1,000,000.00€1,000,000.00€1,000,000.00
ecoVoucher deposit (single transaction)€1,000.00€1,000.00€1,000.00€1,000.00€1,000.00
ecoVoucher deposit (daily)€1,000.00€15,000.00€100,000.00€120,000.00€140,000.00
ecoVoucher deposit (weekly)-€105,000.00€260,000.00€305,000.00€360,000.00
ecoVoucher deposit (monthly)-€400,000.00€1,000,000.00€1,000,000.00€1,000,000.00
Neosurf deposit (single transaction)€30.00€30.00€30.00€30.00€30.00
EFT deposit (single transaction)€50.00€100.00€200.00€300.00€500.00
EFT deposit (daily)€50.00€100.00€200.00€300.00€500.00
EFT deposit (weekly)€200.00€500.00€1,000.00€1,500.00€2000.00
EFT deposit (monthly)€500.00€1,500.00€3,000.00€4,500.00€6,000.00

ecoPayz Withdrawal Fees

There are 3 usual methods for withdrawing your funds from ecoPayz.

  • Bank transfer
  • zestPay
  • Transfer to another ecoPayz account

The fees are slightly reduced for “VIP” account level bank withdrawals as instead of paying €5.00-€10.00 fee, you will pay €2.90-€7.00.

For zestPay, the fee is the same regardless of account level with the exception of Classic.

Classic (unverified) accounts unfortunately cannot make any withdrawals.

For Gold account level and higher, transferring to another ecoPayz account is free.

Silver account level has a P2P fee of 1.50%, min €0.50.

Please the comparison table to check the fees for the different methods of ecoPayz withdrawal fees.

Bank transfer withdrawal-€5.90-€10.00€5.90-€10.00€5.90-€10.00€2.90-€7.00
zestPay withdrawal-1.00%, min €5.901.00%, min €5.901.00%, min €5.901.00%, min €2.90
Another ecoPayz account-1.50%, min €0.50FreeFreeFree

ecoPayz Withdrawal Limits

As with deposit limits, the ecoPayz withdrawal limits are set according to maximum single transaction, max daily, weekly and monthly limits.

The highest limits are for bank transfer pay-outs with large amounts up to €1m on a weekly basis.

Since zestPay is essentially a bank transfer withdrawal, the limits are the same as a regular bank transfer.

For most ecoPayz customers, you shouldn’t have any issues withdrawing the amount you require.

The limits on transferring to another ecoPayz account depend on your account level with a 500% increase on your limits from Silver to “VIP”.

Bank withdrawal/zestPay (single transaction)-€500,000.00€500,000.00€500,000.00€500,000.00
Bank withdrawal/zestPay (daily)-€500,00.00€500,00.00€500,00.00€500,00.00
Bank withdrawal/zestPay (weekly)-€1,000,00.00€1,000,00.00€1,000,00.00€1,000,00.00
P2P Transfer (single transaction)-€1,500.00€3,000.00€3,500.00€4,000.00
P2P Transfer (weekly)-€5,000.00€10,000.00€15,000.00€25,000.00
P2P Transfer (monthly)-€10,000.00€20,000.00€30,000.00€50,000.00

ecoPayz MasterCard Fees

Like Skrill and Neteller, ecoPayz offer a prepaid MasterCard for your convenience.

ecopayz card fees

In the past it was possible to obtain an ecoPayz Virtual Card (ecoCard) but ecoPayz discontinued the virtual card in 2020 to focus solely on the physical version MasterCard.

The prepaid MasterCard is available in the EEA (European Economic Area) and the UK only.

You must be at least Silver VIP to order your prepaid card.

Your card fees and limits will depend on your account level with increases in limits as you progress from Silver to Gold.

All cards for Silver upwards are free to apply but all account levels do incur a £10/£30 GBP delivery fee (or currency equivalent) depending on where you are located.

One improvement ecoPayz could make to their MasterCard offering is to reduce the FX fees for higher account level holders as the currency exchange fee for all levels is a flat 2.99%.

Whilst this FX rate is cheaper than Skrill and Neteller lower VIP levels, it is more expensive than Skrill & Neteller higher VIP levels.

The cash withdrawal limits per day increase from €750-€1,500 as you move from Silver to Gold.

MasterCard applicationNot availableFreeFreeFreeFree
MasterCard deliver (UK)-£10 GBP£10 GBP£10 GBP£10 GBP
MasterCard deliver (EEA)-£30 GBP *£30 GBP *£30 GBP *£30 GBP *
Replacement fee-€12.50€12.50€12.50€12.50
Cash withdrawal limit-€750/per day€1,500/per day€1,500/per day€1,500/per day
FX fee-2.99%2.99%2.99%2.99%
ATM withdrawal fee-2.00%, min €1.502.00%, min €1.502.00%, min €1.502.00%, min €1.50
POS limit-€5,500/per day€11,000/per day€11,000/per day€11,000/per day
Annual fee-FreeFreeFreeFree
Card life-2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years

* The fees are set in GBP due to constant exchange rates fluctuations. The converted rate will be displayed at the time of the application and will also be shown on your eco statement.

The MasterCard is available in the UK and most of the EU/EEA member states.

Fees charged will be currency equivalent of the payment card currency.

ecoPayz to ecoPayz Transfer Fee (P2P)

The fee schedule for making transfers from one ecoPayz account to another is very simple and straightforward.

In summary:

  • Classic account level holders cannot make P2P transfers (to move from Classic to Silver you simply need to verify your account)
  • Silver account holders pay a fee of 1.5%, min €0.50 to make P2P transfers
  • Gold account holders and above can make free P2P transfers
You can make free P2P transfers to other ecoPayz account holders with our instant ecoPayz Gold upgrade. Submit your ecoPayz details on our form to get your instant lifetime Gold VIP status.

Refer to the table to compare ecoPayz P2P fees for all account levels.

Send P2P send money feeNot available1.50%, min €0.50Free *FreeFree
Receive P2P transfer-FreeFreeFreeFree

ecoPayz FX Fees

ecoPayz currency conversion rates are relatively inexpensive and are discounted to 1.25% when you reach the highest account level – “VIP”.

One thing to note is that the FX fee for your “ecoAccount” is based on your account level whilst the ecoPayz Mastercard has a flat rate of 2.99%.

“ecoAccount” just refers to your regular ecoPayz account that you use for transferring to merchants and transferring to other ecoPayz accounts.
ecoAccount FX fee2.99%2.99%1.49%1.49%1.25%
MasterCard FX fee2.99%2.99%2.99%2.99%2.99%

ecoPayz Fees Conclusion

We hope this guide has provided you with a useful overview of the different types of ecoPayz fees and limits.

We believe that the fees charged by ecoPayz are very competitive and reasonable.

Whilst top level VIP’s at Skrill and Neteller pay less fees and have higher limits, the lower account levels of ecoPayz can benefit from a more cost effective fee structure.

One huge plus is that for Gold and above, you can make free P2P transfers to other ecoPayz accounts and access discounted FX fees of 1.49%.

If you are opening an ecoPayz account for the first time, please come back to eWalletBooster to click through and register at ecoPayz via our link and submit the application form to get your free Gold upgrade and cashback on your transfers.

If you’d like to delve more deeply into ecoPayz’s fees and check them in your own currency, we advise you to go to the official page and use the drop down select option.

ecoPayz VIP Upgrade Form

Join ecoPayz using the application form below or submit your existing ecoPayz details to link your ecoPayz account to and take advantage of lower fees, increased limits and much more. New & Existing ecoPayz customers welcome.