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Neteller & Skrill Affiliate Program

If you have a network of clients who could be interested in using an ewallet or you have your own website, forum or blog then you can earn a very healthy part-time or full-time income by promoting Skrill & Neteller via the eWalletBooster affiliate partner program.

You will earn commission on the transfers to merchants that your clients make using their Skrill or Neteller account. The rate of commission you earn is tiered and allows you to earn a higher rate of commission as your clients transfer volume increases.

Our unique program allows you to earn the same rate of commission for both Neteller & Skrill regardless of your volume on each program. For instance, if your clients have transferred $100k at Neteller and your eWalletBooster rate is 0.40%, you will still earn 0.40% for Skrill, even if your volume there is only $10k.

Additionally, you will have access to a comprehensive affiliate dashboard which enables you to both efficiently manage all your client issues, request VIP upgrades and view advanced reporting of all your stats.

Affiliate Program Benefits

As an eWalletBooster affiliate, you will take advantage of the following benefits.

Commission rates
Commission on merchant transfers
Highest commission
VIP upgrade
Reduced fees
Fast-Track verification
Dedicated support
Lifetime Commission
Additional currency accounts
Exclusive dashboard
Refer subpartners
0.40% - 0.60% *
Bronze Pro / Silver VIP / Gold VIP
Skype / Livechat / Telegram
New & Existing
0.40% - 0.60% *
Bronze VIP / Easier Levels
Skype / Livechat / Telegram
New & Existing

* subject to approval and negotiation.

If you can provide us with valid information which indicates that you have a large network of clients or you have clients that deposit large amounts, additional benefits can be negotiated.

Affiliate Dashboard

Below we explain how each section of the dashboard works so you can quickly get started referring clients and earning commission.

All stats within the dashboard are updated every 24-hours so you can stay up-to-date with all your current referrals, VIP requests, commission and commission rates.


The dashboard overview provides you with a useful commission, volume and rate % graph where you can analyse your current and historical earned commission, client’s volume and commission rate achieved in each month for each ewallet.

Additionally, you can view your current eWalletBooster deal tier along with the current month summary showing you how much more your clients need to transfer in the current month to reach the next level of commission rate.

Affiliate dashboard

Submit Referrals

All your referrals who sign up using your link with be auto-tracked to your account. Once your client's account has become active (deposited or transferred) you will see auto-tracked referrals within your dashboard and you can request VIP upgrades for their account with one click.

However, there may be circumstances where you want to manually request account ID's to be tagged and VIP upgraded.

Typical circumstances where you may wish to do this are:

  • Your client forgot to use your link to register at Skrill/Neteller
  • Your client's account may not be active immediately (i.e they will not deposit/transfer for some time) and you want to request their account to be VIP upgraded before they become active.

Use this section to manually add your referrals for VIP upgrade to your affiliate account. The process is very easy and fast to complete, and you can submit as many referrals as you like within minutes.

Steps to manually add referrals:

  1. Select ewallet
  2. Enter email of client’s Neteller/Skrill account
  3. Enter account ID of client’s Neteller/Skrill account
  4. Click Add
  5. Your referrals will now show in the table below
  6. Finally, just click ‘Submit Applications’ and each referral will be assessed by Neteller/Skrill within 1 business day.

Please note that existing accounts must meet the following criteria so please do your best to check this before submitting a referral:

  • Client is not already a VIP at Skrill/Neteller
  • Client did not sign up to Skrill/Neteller using another website
  • Client did not make transfers to merchants within the last 6 months

Submit VIP Requests

All your referrals will show in this section once they become active.

For each referral you will be able to see the following details:

  • Account ID
  • Account email (only if manually submitted)
  • Date added
  • VIP status
  • Total all-time volume
  • Total all-time commission

You can search through your accounts using any of the above parameters so that you can quickly find the account that you wish to upgrade.

The process for requesting a VIP upgrade could not be easier.

There are two different ways to request VIP upgrades:

  1. You can either select individual account ID’s by simply clicking ‘Request VIP upgrade’ button on the table row of the account you wish to upgrade.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the slider button at the top which will filter all accounts that are eligible* for VIP upgrade and request them all in one click.
* Please ensure that all accounts requested are fully verified

All your VIP upgrade requests will be handled within 1 business day.


We provide extensive and comprehensive reports for you, so that you can analyse which accounts are performing best for you and assess all accounts stats with numerous different filters which can be applied.

Affiliate reports

To get a quick monthly snapshot, you can select from the drop-down filter at the top to select ewallet and month. This will show a summary of volume, commission and number of active accounts at the top.

Affiliate reports filtered

You can then filter through all active accounts to assess volume, commission and commission rate %.

Additionally, you can use the table filters to search by ewallet, account ID, email, month, volume, commission and commission rate.


In the payments section, you can view your commission balances and request payments.

Your commission balances consist of the following:

  • Pending – Amount available for pay-out
  • Requested – Amount requested but yet to be paid
  • Commission – Aggregated total commission earned
  • Paid – Amount that has been paid to you

You can request payment anytime whenever your balance is $50+.

All payment requests are handled within 24-48 hours and you can see a record of all payments in the table underneath.

Please ensure that you have updated your preferred payment details before submitting a payment request.

Refer Subpartners

Once your clients' total combined volume hits $10k+, you will become eligible to refer subpartners. We have a dedicated program called boosterBuddies to assist you with this. Please find our more information about subpartners and boosterBuddies here

subpartner Network Share


Steps to submit a new customer referral

  1. You provide your client with your unique referral link
  2. Your client registers at Neteller/Skrill using your link
  3. Once active you will see your referral in your dashboard
  4. Confirm with your client that his account is verified
  5. Click on ‘Request VIP upgrade’
  6. Your clients account will be upgraded within 1 business day

Steps to submit an existing customer referral

  1. Confirm with your client that his account is not already VIP or has transactions on his account within last 6 months
  2. Submit the referral details here - Submit referrals
  3. If the account is eligible it will be VIP upgraded and tagged to you
  4. Once the account has been tracked to you and client is active, you will see the account details in your dashboard

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

  1. To earn commission your client must be a new 'referred' account to the Skrill/Neteller website. The referred account must have tracked correctly. In order for the referred account to have tracked correctly your client must have used your unique referral link or your client's account must have been explcitly approved by eWalletBooster to become tracked under your partner account.
  2. eWalletBooster.com cannot and will not be held responsible if your client's account does not track correctly. eWalletBooster.com will only pay commission when the referred ewallet account has been confirmed by ourselves and Skrill/Neteller as being a valid referral. Affiliate links can be unreliable and we cannot always verify that a referral has tracked correctly immediately.
  3. eWalletBooster.com reserves the right to reject any application that has not tracked correctly or any application that has been identified as fraudulent by eWalletBooster.com. eWalletBooster.com will have the final decision in all application disputes.
  4. eWalletBooster reserves the right to change your commission structure at any time for any reason.
  5. In case of dispute, eWalletBooster will have the final say.
  6. English Law exclusively governs these terms and conditions and only English Law will adjudicate any disputes.